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ModForest.com is a community website for sharing mods for Minecraft. The website was launched in November of 2019 and we want to create a awesome community website for Mods! We are an independent website run by an administrator, a developer and an amazing volunteer team of moderators who help keep this community safe, clean and fun.

No, we are not affiliated with Mojang. We're an unofficial fan website that supports the creative community of the amazing game, Minecraft. If you need to contact Mojang support, click here.

Yes! Just join our Discord and write us about your ideas to improve our community website! Join: https://discord.gg/ww7BheG

Mod Submissions

The Greenlight system helps keep the community safe by reviewing new content prior to releasing it to the public. For this reason, it's even more important to follow the content guidelines & general site etiquette to speed up the Greenlight process.

Just write a mail to seltak.studio@gmail.com and we will answer as quick as possible!