How To Install Minecraft Mods

If you installed Minecraft, we are ready to start to install Minecraft Mods!

Install Minecraft Mods for Forge

Video Tutorial & Text Tutorial

Install Forge

1. Download the Minecraft Forge Installer for the version you need.

Minecraft Forge Mod Installer
Choose "Installer" and download it.

"Installer" is a .jar file, if you are on Windows - you can also download the "Windows Installer".

Download Forge Installer

2. After you installed Forge by executing the file (double-click), you have to run Minecraft once, select the Forge profile and click Play. Now after you started Minecraft with the "Forge-Profile" once, the mods folder got created in your ".minecraft" folder.

3. Find the Minecraft mods folder.

  • On Windows: Press Windows + R, type %appdata% and press ENTER - Now you can open ".minecraft" folder and see the mods folder.
  • On Mac: Open the Desktop, press Command + Shift + G, type ~/Library and press ENTER; then open 'Application Support' and finally '.minecraft'.
  • On Linux: Open a terminal window, type "xdg-open ~/.minecraft"... or just type "cd ~/.minecraft".

4. Drag your downloaded Minecraft Mod into your mods folder. (Example)

Download a mod on our website ModForest - Minecraft Mods. After you downloaded a mod for the same Forge version, just drag the .jar file into the mods folder. Remember a minecraft mod for the Java Edition / PC is always a .jar file.

How to install Forge and Minecraft Mods | Video Tutorial | Windows

How to install Forge and Minecraft Mods | Video Tutorial | Mac