How To Upload Minecraft Mods

After you are on ModForest, we are ready to start to upload your Minecraft Mods!

Upload your Minecraft Mods

Tutorial on how to upload Minecraft Mods on ModForest

Create a ModForest-Account

1. Visit

ModForest - Minecraft Mods - Register
Create your own ModForest Account.

Username is the name, that is shown as the author of the mod like "ModCreator123". Email is your normal email like "", it is important to reset your password for example. Password is the password for the login into your ModForest-Account.

Visit ModForest-Register

Upload your Minecraft Mod

1. Visit ModForest and login into your ModForest-Account.

2. Press "Upload Mod" in the navigation bar on the top. (Upload Mod)

ModForest - Minecraft Mods - Upload Mod View
Submit your mod to the community.

You can upload your mod now very easy. All fields marked with a * are required, all other field are options to improve you mod-page.

Upload Mod
  • Title: Title of your Mod.
  • Description: Short description of your Mod, shown on the homepage.
  • Content: A detailed view with text, that you can edit and where you can add images.
  • Thumbnail: The image that represents you mod on the homepage.
  • Category: Sets the category of your mod like food, armor and more.
  • Version: Sets the version of your mod, this is the Minecraft version.
  • Download: Add your download-link here, it is connected to the given version.
  • Mod Wiki: Link to the wiki of your mod.
  • Mod Source: Link to the source code of your mod.
  • Mod Issues: Link to your issues page, where users can report issues.
  • Mod Version: The mod version, not the Minecraft version. Example: 0.4.2.
  • Changelog: Changelog/Update informations for your mod.
  • Tags: Keywords to find your mod. Example: minimap,map,cool,swords
  • Website: Link to your website.
  • Donation: Link for donations.
  • Patreon: Link to your Patreon-Account.

Presentation of your Mod

1. Your mod is available for everyone after a moderator verified your mod to prevent spam & invalid posts.

Homepage | Light Mode - Dark Mode:

Minecraft Mod Upload Light Mode Minecraft Mod Upload Dark Mode

Mod-Page | Light Mode - Dark Mode:

Minecraft Mod Detail View Light Mode Minecraft Mod Detail View Dark Mode

Add images to your mod presentation

1. Visit or any other website to upload images.

2. Upload your images on Imgur.

3. Copy the link with the ending .jpg, .png or something like this. (in Share Options or just copy link and add the ending of you image file)

4. Just paste it into the content area/editor, the link should look like this:

5. Your image should be visible in your mod presentation now.

Add videos to your mod presentation

1. Visit YouTube, choose the video and click share choose "Embed".

2. Copy the video iframe-code.

3. Go to your mod page or to your mod upload view.

4. Click on Source inside the editor.

5. Paste the iframe-code into the editor and click Source again to switch back. Done.