New Age Bee Breeding (NABB) - Minecraft Mod

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Game Version: [1.12.2] [1.11.2] [1.10.2] [1.9.4] Updated: Feb 09, 2020 Author: The_Fireplace Forge
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@mezz_mc new way to get them to mate? Smush them together using both hands? :)

— voxcpw (@voxcpw) May 6, 2016</blockquote>

Thanks for the inspiration, cpw. With this mod, you can now smush a drone and a princess together using both hands to make a queen. Requires Forestry.



Rather than having to use an apiary to combine a drone and a princess, you can now hold them, one in each hand, and right click to combine them. It even comes with an animation and a noise (Can be disabled in the config)


Future plans:

  • Improve the animation to show both bees at once, and preferably both hands(If anyone is good at this kind of thing and wants to try, let me know)
  • Better smushing sound?
License: GNU LGPLv3
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