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Tick Dynamic is a Minecraft Forge CoreMod, which will attempt to maintain a server Ticks Per Second at 20. It does this by individually controlling how many Entities and TileEntities update each tick. As the server TPS goes down, the number of Entities and TileEntities that update each tick also goes down, to maintain a high server TPS.

Note: this is not currently SpongeForge compatible.

The original project was by wildex999, and never posted to Curse, as far as I know. Here is a link to the original mod, where downloads for 1.8 and 1.7.10 can be found. Here is where he gives permission for me to update it, in addition to the fact that it is licensed under the MIT License.


On a Minecraft server, the world will update 20 times each second. This means that the server has 50 milliseconds to go through every active world and update the Entities, TileEntities and other things such as lighting and terrain generation.
Once your server has a lot of players, and large active bases, the server might start having problems updating everything within the given time.
This is especially true on modded servers with Chunk loaders, large bases with a lot of TileEntities, and many new Monsters and other Entities.

With Tick Dynamic on your server, you will be able to define how much time each world is allowed to use, and within each world, how much time Entities and TileEntities are allowed to use.
Whenever these limits are hit, Tick Dynamic will limit the number of Entities and/or TileEntities that update each tick for the given groups.
You essentially have a separate TPS for Entities and TileEntities in each world.

So what do you gain by maintaining a server TPS of 20, by allowing Entities and TileEntities to update slower?
- Little to no Block lag
- Interact with TileEntities(Chests, Machines etc.) without delays
- Chunk loading and teleporting without long pauses
- No player lag when moving around
- No disconnects due to long ticks
- Generally lower ping and a more responsive server

Note however, that Tick Dynamic will not help for every case, certain events will still cause the TPS to drop, or cause noticeable lag.
Some examples for this are:
- World Generation taking a significant amount of time for a tick.
- Rapid change in time usage for a world
- One mod, or a combination of mobs, using a large amount of time on a single operation during a tick.
- World backup
However, Tick Dynamic should be able to smooth out the spikes by quite a bit.

Tick Dynamic allows a lot of control in how it will maintain that 20 TPS.
If you would have Entities run at a full 20 TPS, but you don't care about TileEntities, you can provide a larger slice of time for Entities.
If you want to give Overworld more time, you can also give it a larger slice of time than the other worlds.

License: MIT License
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