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Armor, Tools and Weapons
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Game Version: [1.14.4] Updated: May 27, 2020 Author: Six6Star Forge
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This mod allows the player to craft bedrock with a special machine block in survival mode so you can build with it as well as add a set of tools that can be made from there. This mad also adds Obsidian tools as well. A full set of Bedrock & Obsidian steps, fences, slabs & wall blocks are added as well as 2 sets of armor.

I used Hi-res textures to make the armors look good. The Bedrock and Obsidian armors use actual pictures of the real material. The Obsidian & Bedrock steps, walls, slabs and fences use the bedrock/obsidian texture from the game OR resource pack that you are using.

The Obsidian tools are able to be De-Crafted back into the Obsidian blocks because it's a rare resource but at the loss of the Iron Rods.
However due to the extreme durability of the Bedrock Tools de-crafting is not included for them. (balance)

I included a separate Tab in the creative mode inventory for them as well to make them easier to find.

To make Bedrock you simply make the machine, place it where you want
it and add the items to the labeled slots and then click the Make Bedrock button.

Notes and FAQ

  • The main picture shows the stairs, walls and fences with my personal texture pack. Yours will look different like the other similar picture.
  • A single explosion will displace the stair blocks. A double explosion such as 2 TNT will destroy them.


Credit to: Mcreator, WinZip, Photoshop & Notepad++ & Gimp for their resources.

License: All Rights Reserved
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