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Game Version: [1.14.4] Updated: Jan 31, 2020 Author: vincentmet Forge

This mod adds a "Questing Device" to the game, for which a modpack developer can set quests in the config. The questing device will spawn automatically in your inventory when you spawn into a world. You should think of this mod like the mods BetterQuesting, HardcoreQuestingMode and FTB-Quests. As of this moment the types of quests can be: "Hand in items(consume)", "Have item in inventory", "Travel to location", "Kill Mob" and "Craft item", as for the rewards, you can execute commands, give the player items and spawn entities at the position of the player; more types will be added in the future! If you got any questions as a pack maker or just as a player, feel free to ask them in this post's comments!

Already added:
- Loading quest(s)(book)/progress from json file
- Rendering into fully functioning gui
- Quest requirement detection
- Reward execution
- Multiplayer support - Questing progress per world/server
- Redoing questing GUI

Currently working on:
- Party support (teams)
- Ingame quest editor

- More requirement types (block placement, block mined, etc, etc)
- More reward types
- JEI integration
- API (i.e. to add quest types, etc)


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