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Game Version: [1.12.2] Updated: Apr 26, 2020 Author: Low-power Forge
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Provide access to Minecraft internal data structures (entities only, in current version) from external command. Useful for external debugging and scripting (for example using Unix shell).

Proudly made with nvi and vim.



Please download the mod and its dependencies from "Versions" tab on this page.

All released files, including full source packages, client source packages and client binary packages are available from a project FRS.

Downloads of MCIPM client packages (version 1.0.1):


Install Mod

To install the mod to Minecraft Forge, copy "mcipm-<version>.jar" into "mods" directory; you will also need to extract all files from "mcipm-dependencies-20200421.tar.bz2" into "mods" directory to provide the Java libraries it depends.

For example:

$ cd /path/to/your/minecraft/server/directory/
$ cp /path/to/mcipm-1.0.0.jar mods/
$ cd mods
$ tar -x -f /path/to/mcipm-dependencies-20200421.tar.bz2


Build/Install Client Tool

To build the client tool from source, simply extract the client source package, compile all ".c" files with your C compiler and link them together; for example:

$ tar -x -f /path/to/mcipm-client-1.0.1-src.tar.bz2
$ gcc -Wall -O1 *.c -o mcipm

To use the prebuilt binary package, simply extract the package and use the executable file, as it has no additional dependencies.



MCIPM source files under src/main/java/org/rivoreo/minecraft/mcipm/ and src/main/java/org/rivoreo/nettychannels/, as well as Java bytecode binary files that distributed here are subject to terms of the Mozilla Public License version 2.0.
The binary distribution file names are usually in 'mcipm-<version>-mc-<version>.jar' form.
The full text of MPL-2.0 can be found from

MCIPM source files under src/main/c/client/, the source files in MCIPM client source packages and MCIPM client binary programs that distributed here are subject to terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.0 or any later version.
MCIPM client source package file names are usually in 'mcipm-client-<version>-src.tar.bz2' form.
MCIPM client binary package file names are usually in 'mcipm-client-<version>-<os>-<arch>.tar.bz2' form. The full text of GNU-GPL-3.0 can be found from

JNR binary packages that distributed in 'mcipm-dependencies-<date>.tar.bz2' packages are license under the Apache License 2.0.
The full text of Apache License 2.0 can be found from


Client Tool Man Page

mcipm(1)                FreeBSD General Commands Manual               mcipm(1)

       mcipm - Minecraft Interprocess Management

       mcipm [<global-options>] entitystat <selector-option> [<selector-option> ...] [<other-options>]
       mcipm [<global-options>] kill <world> <entity-id> [<entity-id> ...]
       mcipm [<global-options>] version

       This tool is a client for the MCIPM mod for Minecraft, which perform
       management tasks on a running Minecraft server instance.

       The major and minor versions (first 2 numbers in a full version number)
       between the MCIPM mod (server) and this tool (client) must be match, or
       the behavior is unpredictable.

   Global options:
       -S, --socket-path <path>
              Specify the path of an Unix domain socket that the server is
              listening on. Default is mcipm (thus in current working

              Display version, copyright and licensing information of this
              tool. The program will exit afterward.

       entitystat <selector-option> [<selector-option> ...] [<other-options>]

           Display various data structures about entities in a Minecraft
           server, selected by one or more selector options. At least one
           selector option must be specified; if more than one selector
           options are specified, entities will be selected by matching at
           least one of specified selector.

           Selector options:

           -A, --all
                  Select all entities in all worlds.

           -W, --world <world-id-name>
                  Select all entities in specified world.

           -i, --entity-id <entity-id>
                  Select entity by a numeric ID.

           -t, --entity-type <entity-type>
                  Select specified <entity-type> of entities.

           Other options:

           -o, --format <column>[=<title>|,<column>[...]]
                  Display entities information according to the columns
                  specified here. If this option being specified multiple
                  times, later specified columns are appended to already
                  specified columnls.

                  Available column names are:

                  world id type name location rotation state width height
                  chunk uuid ticks maxhealth health phealth idletime
                  attacktarget growingage itemage itempickupdelay owner
                  thrower itemdamage itemlifespan itemcount

                  The default columns set is world,id,location,type,name.

           --sort [+|-]<column>[,[+|-]<column>[...]]
                  Sort the output lines based on specified columns; + or -
                  character specifies the sorting direction of given column,
                  default is +. The column names are same as what describes
                  above for -o or --format option.

           -w     By default if the last column is name and stdout is a
                  terminal, the entity name may get truncated to fit terminal
                  window width; specify this option to disable truncation of
                  entity names.

       kill <world> <entity-id> [<entity-id> ...]

           Kill one or more entities by <entity-id> in <world>. The specified
           entities will be killed in a way that similar to the in-game
           command kill.


           Query version information of the Minecraft server, this may include
           MCIPM mod version, Minecraft Forge version and Minecraft version.

       List all chickens with their entity ID, world, location and growing

         mcipm entitystat -t minecraft:chicken -o id,world,location,growingage

       List all entities in overworld:

         mcipm entitystat -W overworld -o id,type,name

       This man page describes version 1.0.1 of the mcipm tool.

       It may wait for the server reply forever if the Minecraft server side
       failed to reply after request; in this case, press ^C to interrupt this


License: Custom License
Version Name Download ModLoader Released Note
1.12.2 MCIPM 1.0.0 for MC 1.12.* Download Forge April 26, 2020, 6:18 p.m. Show Note
Other (Description) Depended Java Libraries Download Forge April 26, 2020, 6:18 p.m. Show Note


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