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Game Version: [1.15.2] [1.12.2] [1.8.9] [1.14.4] Updated: May 04, 2020 Author: DereC4 Forge

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After 3 years, we're back. 



DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! If you are offended by this, it's all just a joke (like the chances of this mod actually getting popular). 


You're a survivor of the Trump War, a war between the Trump and the Hex, a coalition of countries opposing the superpowers (Read the guide/story). The world fell into chaos as everyone tried to evacuate in the habs y'know what just check out the really crazy lore book I wrote here!

YOU, (insert playername here) must defeat Trump and his allies and win!

This is an adventure mod that takes place after Trump wins the election and a great war takes place. You are a survivor of the humans, but it appears none are left...


The old version was created using Mcreator, a really easy (but limited) tool for mod making. Then I learned java, so I thank it for helping me.

Get it here


Read the Trumpcraft lore here (wiki coming soon)


We're also working on lore In Game! Do /book to open up something you can never unsee!



More guns

More things from the original Trumpcraft

An allied side 

Allied soldiers 

Hex soldiers

a dimension for the sun and where the habs landed

More test subjects

Floating structures?

The chance to encounter random events like battles between two factions


Scopes actually working

Different bullets

rocket launcher sounds 

more achievements

more walls


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